Ready to get your book into the major ebook Marketplaces like Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Apple iBookstore? Since October-2010, over 50% of our profits as a small independent publisher are now coming from our digital book sales.  Most of our eBooks now outsell our print editions 3-to-1.  Many of the authors we convert for (who apply a few of the simple strategies we recommend) are reporting profits that far exceed the cost of formatting/conversion. One of our clients typically receives a royalty check of over *$4,000/month from a single title on Amazon alone (her book is a #1 bestseller in her category).

If you are ready to jump into the 21st century of publishing and interested in hiring us to convert your files to the various formats, submit your digital files (we can work with pretty much ANY format) and once we’ve reviewed the file, we’ll confirm that we can do the conversion.  Once you pay with your credit card, your place in the queue will be guaranteed and we typically convert books within 7-10 business days.

Included with your one-time conversion fee:

  • You will receive our online book/ebook marketing strategy map that details the exact techniques we use to generate over thousands of dollars a month from our own books & ebooks.
  • A replay of our one-hour webinar ‘Amazon Optimization’ absolutely free ($40 value).
  • An invitation to participate in an upcoming Author Swap to assist you gathering  reviews and likes which are the most effective ways to increase sales.
  • Digital versions of your book (epub, mobi, and PDF) that you will be satisfied with, guaranteed.

You retain 100% of your royalties and get paid directly by each marketplace.

That’s all you need to do.  Within 1-3 days (or sooner), we will have an ETA (estimated time of completion) for you on when your files will be complete (usually within 7-14 days). Shortly after that, your book will be be available for purchase on the the major ebook marketplaces!

Additional Services

Need a cover? When you release your book into digital form, it’s a great time to release a new cover and/or revise your title.  See some examples of recent covers here.

We can also set you up with your own Clickbank account, a sales and affiliate page so you can tap the power of affiliates, increase your sales, and sell your digital versions directly to your readers. When you sell your ebooks directly from our site, you keeping 100% of the profits!

If you do not have your book in any digital format, we can have your physical book scanned and digitized into a format suitable for conversion.  Pricing starts at $200, so contact us so we can give you an accurate bid.

We can also build you a custom Facebook page (see this example), with a buy now button to the various marketplaces where your book is available for sale.

*This is not to imply you will actually realize this level of earnings from your own ebook, but the majority of clients we work with have been pleasantly surprised at the profits from their own titles.