Want to earn an extra 5-8% for every ebook you sell on Amazon, BN, Apple, or Google?

Are leaving money on the table with your ebooks?

Become a BN affiliate at Linkshare.com and earn an extra 6% on every nook book sale!

Sign up for the affiliate programs offered by the major ebook marketplaces and earn a extra % of every sale you refer (especially if you are linking to the marketplaces from your own site or Facebook page which I recommend).

All the major marketplaces now offer affiliate programs for authors, publishers, and anyone else who refers a sale (allowing you a way to provide your readers an incentive).  Click on the links below to sign up today and earn more profit from your ebooks!

Did you know that Kindle Expert also has an affiliate program?  You can earn $25 for any client you refer who hires us to help them with their ebook conversion.  To sign up and learn more visit our affiliate page.

3 thoughts on “Want to earn an extra 5-8% for every ebook you sell on Amazon, BN, Apple, or Google?

  1. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Brian: I know Amazon took away affiliate status for people in Colorado (and other states) because of tax laws they thought egregious.

    Is the Kindle affiliate program different? Can you be a Kindle affiliate in the states where you can’t be a “regular” Amazon affiliate?

  2. brian Post author


    Unfortunately you are correct – Residents of Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, North Carolina or Rhode Island are not eligible to participate in Amazon’s Affiliate/Associates program. The Kindle affiliate program isn’t any different.

    But you can still setup accounts with BN, Apple, and Google.



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