Amazon is on the verge of breaking 1 million titles on Kindle!

Screenshot taken on 7/18/11

You probably don’t watch these #’s as closely as I do, but I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that Amazon is about to break 1 million titles (ebooks) in the Kindle store.  Are you one the early adopters who’ve managed to get your own book on the Kindle platform? If so, I bet like a lot of us, you are selling more Kindle books than you are in print.  Over 1000 new titles are uploaded everyday to Amazon, therefore, I predict that Amazon will break the 1 million ebooks threshold before the end of this month.

To help celebrate this milestone, we are offering $30 off on our mobi & epub conversion services until there are 1 million titles available for sale at Amazon.  You’ll also receive a comp pass to our next Amazon optimization webinar ($47 value) when you hire us to do your conversion. Mention this deal when you contact us and we’ll knock our fee down by $30, which will make your rate only $299 in most cases (that includes both mobi & epub versions).

There’s never been a better time to jump on board as I’m certain a lot more attention will be on the Kindle once they break a million ebooks, and when they do, be sure your book is available!  We’re here to help, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

PS: We now offer ebook cover services, as I’ve vetted some extremely talented graphic designers who are eagerly awaiting more work.  Check out some of the recent work at:

PPS: I also offer a great option for you Do-It-Yourselfer’s – There’s now a template in Microsoft Word or Open Office that allows you to do your own ebook conversions using tools you are already familiar with.  The file can be uploaded directly to Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and I show how a small tweak allows you to create an epub version that you can also upload to Apple, and every other marketplace accepting ePubs.  Using our template will cut your time in HALF as it’s been optimized through the process of over 100 conversions (& literally hundreds of hours of trial & error). It comes with the same level of support from us that many of you have already come to know and love.

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