An author who's earning $4k/month off the Kindle sales of his book alone

There’s a great article on Media Bistro I recently came across… Would you believe there’s an author out there who’s selling 180 books/day on the Amazon Kindle?  It’s netting him $4k/mo. and he talks about it in this interview.

One thing that strikes me about why authors like J.A. Konrath are finding so much success in digital publishing is that the path to purchase for a buyer who discovered them online is seamless.  Your write a blog post about your book, and excerpt from a chapter, you engage the reader and then make it seamless to buy through a link to your Kindle book, which they can access instantly.  That’s really what the Kindle does for authors who are already publishing online. It gives them one of the absolutely fastest paths to profit for there work that used to show up on bookshelves… Bookshelves that are quickly being replaced by virtual ones.  So what are you waiting for?

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