If we are uploading your ebook, we’ll need to know which category your book fits into. This is a VERY important step – it will determine where your book shows up on the various marketplaces. You are allowed to select a total of 2 categories on Amazon, and up to 5 categories on some of the other marketplaces (BN & Apple), when you provide us your list, please rank them in the order of importance in case we can’t include all of them.

Important: Many of the categories below have sub-categories, so be sure to click through to see the list of subcategories and provide the subcategory you feel your book best fits into (we have to choose a subcategory if one exists).

Special Note: In order to list your title in certain sub-categories you’ll need to add some specific Search Keywords in addition to the categories you choose for your title. See this help page for more info:

Select your categories from the official list of BISAC Codes.

We will try to align them to specific categories on Amazon, If your title is Fiction, there are many categories under fiction, some of when have multiple sub-categories like this:

Fiction>Action & Adventure>Science Fiction> General

Please provide us the category list in the format above (Fiction>Action & Adventure>Science Fiction> General) so we correctly place your title.

Search your category search here (you will see all the categories listed on the left side of the screen after you click-through)

Here’s a example click-through tree available via this link:

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