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When you die, make sure your book doesn't die too. Your eBook will outlive you and never go 'out of print.'

I’ve been having some interesting conversations with a few of you lately, and I felt compelled to share.

Have you considered what happens when an author dies?  What happens to their book and who gets the royalties?  Is there a way for an author to insure that the royalties for his/her book will go to his heirs after he/she dies?

The issue with many authors who only have print versions of their book and handle the distribution directly is that sadly when they die, unless someone in the family steps in to pick up the ball, the book dies too.  There’s few things in this world as sad as the dreaded ‘out of print’ or ‘currently unavailable’ listing on Amazon (especially when the listing has positive reviews!):

The evolution and availability of eBooks change this scenario. In fact, eBooks will most definitely outlive the author, and likely every generation of that author that follows.  Unless there is some unforeseen catastrophic event that wipes out every server, every backup, and eliminates the marketplaces that makes your title available, consider that an ebook will quite literally never die!

Since you see now that your book in digital form will live on indefinitely, isn’t it important to you as the author make sure that it’s the absolute best representation of you, the author?  Take the time & make the investment to insure your ebook is set it correctly and that royalties flow directly to a bank account your survivors will have access to.

It’s unlikely that big 5 marketplaces for eBooks (Amazon, BN, Apple, Sony, & Google) are going out of business anytime soon. Considering that many of my clients are generating $40-50/month in profit from their book sales, the return over the long haul from these marketplaces is significant.  Wouldn’t you like to be sure those monthly payments are getting paid to those you love the most after you pass on?

You can hire to assist you with your digital layout & conversion.  Our value extends far beyond just providing you with properly formatted files. We stand behind every conversion until the author is pleased with the result. You get step-by-step tutorials that show you how to publish directly to each marketplace. Every client also receives a personalized marketing map that reveals proven strategies to help gain you greater visibility and sell more ebooks.  They are the same strategies we are using at 50 Interviews to generate over $500/month in profit from our Kindle sales alone.

Roundup of recent conversions by

I wanted to share the exciting news of several authors who recently launched their books on Amazon Kindle, all of whom I grateful to for trusting me to do their conversions.  Check out a few of them out and let us know what you think! Here’s some of our most recent conversions:

Here’s what one of the authors had to share about the process of working with KindleExpert:

“When I bought Brian’s digital conversion service, I got a lot more than just digital conversion. Brian worked with me to get my book just right, and provided valuable advice regarding the self-publishing process and marketing my book. The time I saved was worth three times the price for the conversion.” -Carl Forest (Caribou Creek)

I’m grateful this year to have worked with some many incredible authors. Happy Holidays!