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How to open an ePub or Mobi file on your iPad using Dropbox

One of the best ways to proof the ePub and mobi files we send you is to view them on the device most people will likely be using when they purchase your eBook.  The iPad is probably the most popular eReader on the planet (next to Kindle).

Here’s a little trick on how you can open an ePub file in iBooks or a mobi file with the Kindle Reader (on your iPad):

  • Step 1: Create a Dropbox account (don’t worry, it’s free).
  • Step 2: Install the iBooks and Kindle apps onto your iPad (if they aren’t on it already).
  • Step 3: Install the Dropbox app on your iPad (it’s free too).
  • Step 4: Transfer the ePub/Mobi files to your dropbox folder (I’ve likely shared a dropbox folder with your files in it if you asked me to).
  • Step 5: Open your dropbox app on the ipad and click on the epub or mobi file – then open it with the appropriate app (you do so by clicking in the upper right hand corner of the iPad screen).
Here’s a short video tutorial to walk you through the process:

One important caveat if we revise your file and want view the newer version:

IF I send revised epub & mobi files, you must first delete the old file off your iPad BEFORE loading a new file from dropbox.  Otherwise, there’s a good chance both iBooks and the Kindle reader will keep reverting to the original file. So here’s how you delete the old files: select ‘Edit’ on the iPad iBooks app (in the iBooks Library view), click on your thumbnail cover, and the hit ‘Delete.’  You delete a book from your Kindle library in a similar way.

How that helped! Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.

Want to run ePub checker on your own PC?

Do you need the ability to check if your ePub file passes the ‘epub checker’ validation tool?  Rather than upload your file to one of the various epub checkers on the web, you should install and run it on your own computer.  Why?  Because if you are having any errors after you try to upload your formatted ebook, chances are, it didn’t pass the epub checker.

It’s a bit confusing when you try to follow the fragmented instructions you’ll find around the web. So I wanted to share the exact process I went through to successfully install the ability to validate an epub on my own PC:

  1. Download and install Java if it isn’t already on you computer
  2. Modify your PATH to enable the ability to run Java from your command line/prompt.  This is exactly how mine appeared (it’ll make sense after you view this tutorial): ;C:Program Files (x86)Javajre6bin
  3. Download ePub checker binary (version I have is 3.0.1)
  4. Unzip the file and place all the files in a root directory on your c: drive (ie. /epub)
  5. Put the .epub file you want to check in the same directory (ie. /epub)
  6. Run your command prompt application (type command on the start bar)
  7. Change directory to /epub (by using the basic command cd until you get to the root directory (c:/) and then type cd epub.
  8. To run the epub checker, you will need to yype something similar to this on the command line (it will vary depending on the version of epubcheck and your epub file name): java -jar epubcheck-3.0.1.jar filename.epub

Here’s a screenshot of how it looks when you have a successful epub check (in this case, the file I am checking is entitled ‘gaddafi.epub’).

If you are still struggling getting it to work, let me know because I can post a YouTube video to walk you through the process and will post the link when it’s available.