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Become a BN affiliate at and earn an extra 6% on every nook book sale!

Sign up for the affiliate programs offered by the major ebook marketplaces and earn a extra % of every sale you refer (especially if you are linking to the marketplaces from your own site or Facebook page which I recommend).

All the major marketplaces now offer affiliate programs for authors, publishers, and anyone else who refers a sale (allowing you a way to provide your readers an incentive).  Click on the links below to sign up today and earn more profit from your ebooks!

Did you know that Kindle Expert also has an affiliate program?  You can earn $25 for any client you refer who hires us to help them with their ebook conversion.  To sign up and learn more visit our affiliate page.

Need help finding better keywords to sell more ebooks?

If you have worked with me, you already know how important keywords are when setting up your book on any of the marketplaces.  Keywords determine how often your book shows up in each marketplace, so it’s vital that you take time and choose wisely!  This is one of the major reasons I advise my clients to avoid using 3rd party aggregators.

Amazon allows you to use up to 512 characters for your keywords,  so be sure to make full use of all the space they provide to fill your listing with relevant keywords.  Barnes & Noble only allows you to use up to 100 characters for your keywords, so be extra careful with that limited space they provide.

Here’s where you list your keywords in the back-end of your Kindle book listing:

There are two great tools I recommend you become familiar with as you get seek out relevant keywords; Google Insights & Netspeak.  There’s tons of great resources around the web on how to use Google Insights & Google will show you how when you visit their site. on the other hand has little documentation to go off, so I created this video walk-through to show you how I use NetSpeak to come up with keyword ideas for the titles I setup:

Let me know if you need my help in optimizing your marketplace (Amazon,BN,Apple,etc.) listing for you, I do charge a very small fee, but I’m confident that the resulting increased book sales will provide a quick return on investment (ROI).  Alternatively, you can attend our next webinar and learn to do it yourself.

Barnes & Noble go live with publishing platform Pubit!

Have you heard the latest news to hit the digital publishing market? Barnes & Noble have gone live with their publishers platform so anyone can now publish their book to the nook!

The long awaited publishers platform for the Nook has finally gone live!  In fact, we’ve already uploaded a few titles and I’m happy to report the approval process was extremely quick. If you need help converting to ePUB for Nook, we can do that too! If we’ve already done a Kindle conversion for you, it’s only another $50 to convert to ePUB (nook compatible), and we will also provide you a step-by-step walk-through of how to upload it to Barnes & Noble.  As with the Amazon Kindle dtp interface – you have the direct relationship with the reseller of your ebooks – so you will be paid directly by them. Contact us for a free 10 minute consultation.

Hire us to help you get you book on the nook!

The sooner you get your books up on these two marketplaces, the sooner you will discover a new path to profit for your content!

Feel free to checkout our recent nook conversions: