Quality eBook covers

There are few investments an author can make that pay off better than an attractive title & cover.

If your book was written long ago, then the time you release it into digital form is a great time to reissue it with a new cover or that new title you’ve always wanted.

Before we even begin on the cover image – we do in depth keyword research to find out what terms readers are searching for. Not just on Amazon, but on Google as well.  Success is more often than not the result of an author getting ‘lucky’ and having a book to addresses a hot topic & contains keywords that people are searching for.

Finding graphic designers who are talented at creating good covers is no easy task! Often once you do, they will often be too expensive of too busy with other clients.  Experience counts! Knowing the aspects of a cover that’ll make your title sell is important, but knowing how to work within the constraints of a ‘thumb nail’ size image makes our experience even more vital.

To address this need, we’ve gathered a pool of vetted graphic designers to work with you to produce a cover you’ll not only be proud of, but one that will positively impact your sales.

Below are some samples from our professional graphic designers who already create top notch e-book ready covers in less than a week.


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