Digital Layout Options

Dear Author/Publisher,

Indeed, you can have your eBook your way.  Never settle for anything but exactly what you want.

Want my recommendation? I suggest indenting each paragraph, justified, and adding a gap between paragraphs.  As an avid eBook reader – I can tell you that eBooks laid out this way are the most enjoyable to read on a smaller screen.

Here’s some examples of the layout options available to you when we do your ebook conversion:

Left Aligned vs. Justified

Left Aligned


Gap between paragraphs vs. No Gap:

No GAP between paragraphs

GAP Between Paragraphs

The choice is up to you.  Advise us of your choice: Left Aligned or Justified? Gap or No Gap?  Again, my recommendation (if you have no preference) is: Justified, Indented, with Gap between paragraphs (it makes it easiest to read on small screens).

Thank you! – Brian

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