Author Profile Pages (Facebook, Goodreads, and Amazon)

From my own personal experience as a publisher (who’s been selling online since 2000), Facebook, Youtube, Goodreads, and Amazon are sources of traffic for us, and by having a fan page for your book or for yourself as a author/speaker, you give your clients, fans & readers an effortless way to assist you with vitally important ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

I know many of you whom I’ve already worked with will benefit from this, and when asked what I recommend you do to start marketing your book or yourself, my first question is always; do you have a fan page on Facebook?

We can model our page around one of these existing author fan pages:


Facebook Banners

You can see examples of actual pages we’ve already created:

Facebook Pages

Goodreads Profile Pages

Amazon Author Pages

Facebook author pages:


Goodreads author pages:

Amazon Author Page


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