Fixed Layout eBooks – KF8 and ePub3 also offers advanced KF8 & ePub3 fixed layout eBook formatting/conversion.  This means your original formatting will be retained to keep the eBook edition nearly identical to your original print edition. While this option is more expensive that our standard eBook (non-fixed) format, it is desirable for many authors.

Our fee varies depending on the complexity of the work.  We will need to see your file to provide you a bid.

Also, please be aware, that only the newer eReaders support fixed layout files. This includes, but is not limited to Apple iBooks (on the iPad, iPhone, iPad Mini, or iPod Touch), and Kindle Fire (all models).

Although you can proof a fixed layout (specifically a KF8 mobi file) with the Kindle Previewer (a Kindle emulator for the PC/Mac), I highly recommend using iBooks on the iPad or an actual Kindle Fire tablet.

We are happy to provide you samples of fixed format books we’ve created for the Kindle Fire & Apple iPad devices. Or, you can view screenshots here.

Below are some of the completed Fixed Format eBooks we created (click through to download a sample directly from Amazon – Note, you will need to download the sample to a compatible device (ie. Kindle Fire) to see an accurate representation of the Fixed Format enhancements):


Submit your file and we’ll send back a formal contract once we’ve had a chance to review your file.

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