Gmail on your Kindle

Don’t have a data plan on your cell phone?

Want to know a cool work-around of how you can check your email on your Kindle? It works whether you have a wifi or 3G connection.  Check your gmail!

This is from the perspective of using the 3rd Gen (graphite/grey screen) Kindle device (with the built in keyboard).

Just go to the ‘Menu’ from the home screen and choose ‘Experimental.’ You can launch the web browser from there.  Next, go to gmail’s page for mobile devices:

I even used it during a recent trip to Mexico – the international 3G network worked like a charm!

Any website that supports mobile devices is probably going to work well for the Kindle browser.  Often, if a mobile version of a website exists, it’ll appear as http://m.<website>.com – for example: is one I use a lot.  So even if you are not a gmail user, you still might be able to utilize the ‘experimental’ browser on your Kindle to check your email.

You probably won’t be composing too many emails on your Kindle, but at least you have an option to find out if something important is sitting unread in your inbox.

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