How to send a mobi or doc file directly to your Kindle

Many of you who’ve hired us to convert your title to a Kindle-ready format will benefit from knowing how to send the .mobi file we provide directly to your own Kindle.

Option 1:

The quickest, easiest way is to simply install Amazon’s Send To Kindle application for PC or Mac.

Option 2:

This was the process we all used before the Send To Kindle app existed:

  1. You will actually attach the mobi or doc file and email it to the email address associated with your Kindle device. In order to find out what your unique email address is, log into your Amazon account at:
  2. Next, add your own email address (ie. as an ‘approved sender’ to your Kindle device (you only have to do this one time for each email address you plan to use).
  3. Email yourself the .mobi or .doc file you want on your Kindle to: [yourid] (free) or [yourid] (small fee).  You don’t need to put anything in the subject or body – just attached the file.
  4. Wait 2-5 minutes and sync your Kindle (hit the Menu button from your home screen) over WIFI (if using or over 3G (if you sent it to
  5. If you need more help or want to know how to transfer the file using the USB cable that came with your Kindle, there’s more help on how to do so at:

Enjoy your Kindle and read more!

Brian Schwartz,

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