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Dear Author/Publisher,

Thank you for contacting us in regards to our eBook formatting & conversion service.

The quality of the work performed reflects the experience of the individual doing the work.

We always strive to produce a result that measures up to the appreciation we have for the work you have already done.

Since 2009, we have been helping hundreds of authors successful publish their work to the major marketplaces. Given our inability to meet face-to-face, I do want to share with you some additional ‘artifacts’ to hopefully help you feel more comfortable in proceeding forward:

As an author and publisher, I can appreciate the perfection one strives for in their work. Therefore, our fee includes time to proof each and every page carefully so you can be assured the result is one you will be proud to call your own. I encourage you to review some of our past work.

Heres what’s included with every eBook conversion:

  • An online book/ebook marketing strategy map that details the exact techniques we use to generate over thousands of dollars a month from our own books & eBooks.
  • 3+ hours of video tutorials to give you the vital knowledge youll need to succeed in the eBook era including: title setup, optimization, and book marketing ($40 value).
  • 60 Days of post-sale support through our support website.
  • Digital versions of your book (epub, mobi, and PDF) that you will be proud to call your own.
  • A copy of the ePub Template with more than 50 tutorials that allows you to create beautiful eBooks using MS Word that is ready to publish to BN, Amazon, and even Print-on-demand!

We do not typically charge to provide estimates, but if your book is extremely complex, or requires some rework to get it into a state upon which we can bid, a consulting fee may apply (you will be notified in advance).

Begin by submitting your bid request.

Our fee for layout/conversion depends on the complexity of the book to be formatted. Our standard turnaround is 1-2 weeks (depending on complexity and backlog). Whenever possible, we prefer to receive files in both .docx (or. doc) and PDF. However, we are typically able to work from just about any format. Please submit your file(s) for bid here (you can submit multiple files through that link).

The work-for-hire fee we charge reflects the time it takes to provide you the absolute best result possible. We will never ship anything that isn’t a reflection of our best work. We also provide far more consulting and advice that our low-cost competitors simply can’t afford to provide.

Some additional services we also provide that may be helpful include:

You may securely upload your file(s) for bid through this link.

While you are awaiting our formal bid, I encourage you to watch a replay of a recent 2-hour workshop (in two parts) I gave this past summer that answers many of the common questions I initially receive from new clients, and hopefully it gets you excited about taking the next steps!

In closing, as you compare my fee to my competitors, please keep in mind that I allocate extra time to proof your eBook before its sent to you so you should expect the final result to reflect exactly what you intended. Also, since you would be engaging us on a work-for-hire basis you retain all the rights as the author/publisher as you publish the titles directly with each marketplace: Amazon, Apple, BN, Google, etc… Many other companies who provide conversion services will only do so if they setup your title(s) on their own accounts to retain a % of every sale, or have some other model that insures they recoup more $ from the author over the life of the book. I don’t believe being one step removed from the process is ever in the best interests of the author. I encourage you to take a moment and read my post on the importance of self-publishing your eBook.

You are welcome to call me us as well, and well do my best to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to book an initial complimentary consultation with me at your convenience.

My best,

Brian Schwartz
Publisher, ePublishing consultant, and conversion specialist
Founder, and
Past President, Colorado Independent Publishers Association
805-225-1251 (PST)
Skype: brian.schwartz
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