Keyword Tutorial

Proper keywords are the ‘key’ to success as an author in today’s online world!

A little market research is essential.  First do some discovery and find out if there is demand for the words you think people might be searching for.  I use my 8UP process described below can be used to identify unmet needs and keywords. Amazon allows us to specify up to 7 different keywords with your title’s metadata. 8UP encompasses the process of mind mapping or brainstorming.

Take a piece of paper. Fold it in half. Fold in half again. And fold it in half once more.  Then unfold it. You will have 8 boxes where the creases of the fold now exist.

In the first box (top left corner), write the macro topic you are looking to expand on.

I’m going to use the example of a topic we’ve already published a successful book on: LinkedIn

In the example above, we’ve used the 8UP process to identify related topics to ‘LinkedIn’ that we have expertise (or can acquire through further research and others). Next, we are going to see the word ‘LinkedIn’ is used and what people are searching for in regards to Linkedin.  We are going to use 3 websites:

First, we look up the term ‘Linkedin’ on netspeak by typing ‘Linkedin ?’ Here’s the results:

Next, we type the top term(s) from Netspeak into Google Insights to further study the demand for the word(s):

The last step is to go to Amazon and enter the keywords identified from Google Insights.  In this example, we’ll enter the words ‘LinkedIn Profile’

Send us the 7 keywords that come from your macro topic/title (which consist of good niche words people are actually searching for). Note: you don’t need to use the title of your book as a keyword because Amazon will utilize that first in searches.


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