Kindle Template Walkthrough (MS Word Edition)

Thank you for purchasing the Kindle Template.  You should have already received the template file after you completed your purchased, the intent of this page is to provide a tutorial on how to use it!  If for some reason you did not receive the template, or if you would like purchase the template, please click here or contact me at: or by phone: 970-215-1078.  Thank you!

Still need to buy the template? Click the buy button below. The introductory price is $97.

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Watch the video first, but then feel free to contact me if you have any questions/concerns.

Note: After you purchase the template, you will also receive access to a wealth of protected content that provides more step-by-step tutorials on how to format the file for Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Literally hundreds of hours went into developing this template, and I’m confident you’ll find it extremely useful.

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