Kindle titles to double again in 2010

Number of Kindle titles on track to break 800,000 by end of 2010

I’ve been tracking the number of titles available on the Kindle, and the number of kindle books available has been doubling every year since 2007.  Back in November of 2007, there were only 91,626 titles available.  As of today, there are 765,000 titles you can download for the Amazon Kindle and the number is increasing about 1000 new titles/day… Thus, I predict the # of titles will break 800,000 before year end.

Because there are over 20 million titles available in print on Amazon, you can see why it’s much easier to stand out as an author when your book is on Kindle. For the foreseeable future, it’ll be a much smaller ocean to be in.

The Christmas season will no doubt drive a lot of new Kindle owners.  Thus, I predict that our December #’s will be the highest to date for our small publishing company, 50 Interviews.  For the last 30 days, the profit alone from just a handful of of titles has been close to $400… I’m predicting we’ll break the $500 mark in December.

If you want to get your book on Kindle fast – we can help.  Typically within 72 hours, you’ll have your converted files back and can still capture the explosion of new buyers this Christmas season.

I personally guarantee that you will be pleased with your conversion.  You receive all the formats you need to upload your own titles to the various marketplaces (ie. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, etc..) as well as walk-through tutorials on how to do it. Also, beginning next month, we’ll be rolling out a set of tutorials to help you optimize your book listing and leverage techniques we’ve found to work well when it comes to successfully marketing your ebooks.  These modules will be included with the cost of conversion.

We’ve completed over 50 conversions to date, and they range from non-fiction to novels, and we just completed our first Children’s book.

If you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer your question.

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