Kindle vs. the iPad – one users comparison…

I wanted to share my initial observations between iPad & Kindle.  I’ve been asked on more than one occasion by my friends which one to buy for reading our eBooks.

Here’s what I found as one major shortfall on the iBooks app on the iPad:

One of the things I love about my Kindle is that I can type in a keyword or phrase, and it searches for that keyword or phrase across every single book & document on my Kindle device! This is huge to me because I have lots of non-fiction books and I can’t always remember which book, or even where in that book that concept existed when I need to refer to it. Kindle has solved this problem for me by having a lightning fast global search capability.

On the flip side, I also now own an Ipad with the iBookstore app installed, and from what I can tell, there’s no way to search across all the text in all my books I purchase or transfer to the iBookstore. Yes – you can search within a book, but that doesn’t help me when I can’t remember which book had the phrase, keyword, or concept I was looking for!

For what I see as a very important feature in the evolution of epublishing, Kindle has it, iPad doesn’t (yet :-)).. I can’t speak to the nook because I don’t own one (yet).

The other feature I love about my Kindle is that my Kindle comes with it’s own email address.  I can email a variety of different types of documents (including MS word files) to that email address, and magically, my document appears on my Kindle (over WiFi).  The iPad requires that you manually drag the pdf or epub into iTunes and then sync up your PC/Mac & your iPad for the documents to appear in your iBooks app. I also don’t believe you can just drop an MS Word doc into your iTunes library – you’d have to convert it to PDF first.

What I do however love about the iPad is the bigger screen.  So ultimately, what I’d recommend, if one can afford it, is the Kindle DX. If not, then the Kindle 3 Wifi (I have the 3G version but rarely ever use the 3G connection, but do use the WiFi connection often). It’ll be really nice if/when they come out with a WiFi version of the DX. That’ll probably be the next eReader I buy.

If anyone does have the nook, I (& other readers of this blog) would greatly appreciate your comments below!

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