Reason #22 to convert to Kindle

If you own an Amazon Kindle, you might have noticed lately a nudge from Amazon to select ‘I prefer to see Kindle Editions’ button.  What does this mean to authors/publishers? Well, as the market of readers using Kindle devices continues to grow, those who do select this option (as I did), will be limited to seeing titles available on Kindle only.

My list of ‘Top 10 Reasons to have your book on Kindle‘ has grown considerably in the last few months. Amazon, BN, and Apple continue to add features and functions that are making the appeal of ebooks more sticky than ever before.  There’s no doubt that this will accelerate the transition from print to pixels in publishing.

If your title is not yet on Kindle, let us help you get there.  Not only will you get a file back that you’ll be proud to put your name on, but we provide all the formats you need for the major marketplaces including: Kindle, Nook, Google Editions, and the iBookstore.  Along with the conversion, we provide tutorials on how to upload your files to each site so you get paid directly by each of the major vendors.

Most conversions are returned within 72 hours and within a week you could have your title online – standing out among the crowd. Jump in – you’ll be glad you did.

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