An optimized sales page/website for authors

Looking for a simple, but highly effective sales page to sell your book?

A simple, streamlined webpage that does one thing very well – sell more books.  Less is more-we’ve learned this from Amazon.  For years, authors have struggled with websites that either confused the reader, provided too much content (so they were satisfied), or simply failed to provide the right ‘buy now’ mindset.

A successful web page for an author consists of only a handful of elements.  Offer too much and you’ll likely hurt your sales  You can offer less than this, but you should avoid offering too much. Here’s an example of an effective author site:

Here are the key elements explained:

  1. Link to your blog or website (optional).
  2. About page (can also be called ‘Synopsis’ – which is a summary of your book (back of the book usually)).
  3. Reviews – Preferably, this will be a direct link to your reviews on Amazon.
  4. Excerpt – Provide a free preview of your book (you can collect email addresses here).
  5. Affiliates – If you offer an affiliate program, this will link to it.
  6. 3D thumbnail of your book, plus any headlines or taglines that serve to explain what the book will do for the reader (this is any single image you want to use, up to 745 x 273 pixels).
  7. Buy on Amazon button (links directly to your listing).
  8. Buy on Kindle button (links directly to your listing).
  9. Buy on nook (links directly to your listing).
  10. Buy on iBookstore (links directly to your listing).
  11. Link to your Facebook page (optional).

We can set up your domain on your server or ours. This site was built on a self-hosted version of WordPress. I’m also a fan of hosting on Tumblr & Weebly.

Here’s a few other sample author sites we can model yours after:

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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