Snowfall Clients (Special Offer)

Dear Snowfall Press client,

Kindle Expert is pleased to announce that our print-on-demand partner of choice, Snowfall Press, has negotiated a special deal with on your behalf!

Since 2010, we’ve assisted hundreds authors in getting their books onto the the largest and fastest growing ebook marketplaces of Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google, & more.

We have several options to assist you with your eBook conversion, and which you choose will depend on whether or not you feel comfortable doing some of the work yourself (with our assistance) or prefer we do all the work for you.

Option 1:  Kindle Expert will setup your digital files (Word, Pages for Mac, open office, PDF, etc.)  into a MS word or Open Office template that has been modified specifically for  uploading directly to Amazon & BN for $179.00. Instructions will be provided so you can make changes directly to the source document and will be provided video tutorials to walk you through the process to get it to look the way you want. The file we provide is compatable with all versions of MS Word on the PC, but if you use a Mac – it’s only compatible with Word 2011. If you don’t have Word 2011 on your mac, we’ll set your file up in Open Office/Libre Office (which is a free program, very similar to Word). Extra bonus: with just a few minor tweaks to your Word file, it will be ready to upload to Snowfall Press for print-on-demand! Formatted files are typically turned around within 7-14 days.

Option 2: Kindle Expert will do all the formatting and return completed validated mobi & epub files ready to upload to Amazon, BN, Apple, and the other major ebook marketplaces. Our snowfall only rate is $329 and includes up to 10 different elements. Elements are considered anything besides standard blocks of text. Items like charts, bulleted & numbered lists, callouts, diagrams, illustrations, endnotes, and footnotes are all considered elements. If your book contains more than ten  of these, please add $1 per additional element. Completed conversions are typically turned around within 2-3 weeks.

What do I mean by elements? Watch the video below for an example of how I would count elements in a book:

Payments for both options are required in advance.  Your files (we’ll need both the interior and your cover file) should be submitted by email (up to 10 MB) or through our submission page at:

Additional bonuses that are included with both options at no additional charge:

  1. The ‘7 Secrets’ marketing map that provides a path to help you sell more ebooks  (and accelerate your return on investment).
  2. 30 minute one-on-one consultation with the Kindle Expert ($75 value).
  3. Replay of a one-hour webinar ‘Amazon Optimization Strategies’ and the Amazon Optimization Guide ($59 value).
  4. Step-by-step video tutorials that walk through the process of uploading your files and listing your title directly on Amazon, BN, and Apple.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information or sign up for one of our upcoming Q&A sessions.

Thanks and all the best to your self published success!

ePublishing Consultant

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