Thank you

Thanks for hiring us to create a custom Facebook banner for your new timeline page!

Here’s what we need you to do next:

Upload any relevant artwork (ie. book cover, a picture of you) to us through our submit page, or email your file(s) directly to us (please include your contact info so we know it’s from you).

If you also are hiring us to setup your facebook fan page for you, I will need to add you as an admin to your new fan page, which requires that you first friend me on Facebook.

You can also now download your complimentary eBook here.

That’s it!

One other optional item… If you want to earn back a portion (or more) of what you just hired us to do for you, simply sign up as an affiliate and refer your friends back to us.  You’ll earn $25 for each referred sale!

If you have any questions, concerns, or problems, feel free to contact me at:, on skype: brian.schwartz, or by phone: 970-215-1078 (Colorado).

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