The logic behind Amazons new 'Kindle for the web' clientless ebook reader

A client recently asked me about the reasoning behind Amazon’s new ‘Kindle for the Web’ and after a little digging, I discovered that this is yet another good tool for authors & publishers who’ve converted their titles to Kindle, as it allows one more visibility point.  If you visit my Amazon listing, what you’ll notice unique about it is the addition of the green box ‘Kindle Edition’ where it gives you the option to read the first chapter.

Actually, what you get to read is the first 5% of the book – which in my case is far more than just the first chapter.  This is basically the SITB (Search Inside The Book) feature for your Kindle version.  What I like is that it loads super fast (vs. sending a sample to your Kindle) and makes the ‘click-to-buy’ more readily available to a prospective buyer.  You’ll also notice however if you click on my Kindle listing, the little green box is not available.  If you have any thoughts on why that might be, I would love to know! So please leave a comment below. I’ll pose the question to my friend who works at Amazon and let you know what I find out.

Perhaps what this will actually lead to is that those who want your Kindle version will get to peak at how your book looks on the Kindle… and if it is a poor conversion, you’ll likely lose that buyer.  As a Kindle owner myself, I can tell you that I will not purchase Kindle books that are not structured the way the Kindle intended the content to be structured – resulting in an enjoyable reading experience!

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