Top 10 Reasons to have your book available on Kindle

Every week, I hear more compelling reasons to get your book on the Amazon Kindle eReader.  So to cut to the chase, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why it’s in your best interest.  If you want to get your own book up in no time with little to no effort, your best bet is to hire someone (like yours truly) to do the conversion for you and show you how to upload the title to Amazon.  We netted over $100 in profit from the sales of our Kindle books in July-2010 alone!

  1. Amazon is paying authors a 70% royalty for Kindle books priced between $2.99-$9.99.
  2. The Kindle reader is #1 selling product on Amazon.
  3. Kindle ebook sales have already outsold the hardback version and it is predicted they will outsell paperback version in 2011.
  4. Anyone in the world can get your book instantly.
  5. 100% of your investment in the conversion will be returned once you’ve sold just 37 books.
  6. Your can have your book available for purchase in the largest marketplace on the web in less than 72 hours!
  7. You can have a live URL in your book to point people back to your website where they are more likely to have an internet connection and thus actually visit the site you refer them to!
  8. There are no setup costs and you don’t need an ISBN!
  9. You can revise your title whenever you want… without having to pay a fee to revise (perhaps you now have some reviews/endorsements to add?).
  10. You can test a new cover design to see if it increases book sales (yes, unfortunately people do judge a book by it’s cover).

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