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Dear Author/Publisher,

Thank you for trusting me to assist you with your digital conversion.

By now I’ve most likely emailed you the files (or put them in a dropbox if they are larger) that you will now want to upload to the various marketplaces. If you are still awaiting your files, you can get started by setting up your accounts with the major marketplaces now. The tutorials below should help. I recommend you allocate at 30-45 minutes per marketplace (ie. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, etc..). Note that in addition to the files I provide, you will also need to have a jpg of your cover file available to upload as it’s a required step in the digital publishing process.

If you are still awaiting your files, you can get started on setting up your accounts at each of these marketplace:

Then, after you receive your ebook files from us, continue on with the instructions that follow:

Remember you will also need to have your cover file (jpg) handy for each marketplace.

If you own a Kindle or IPAD, you can transfer the files below directly to those devices to see how your conversions look. Click for directions on how to do this for iPAD & for Kindle.

You will also be able to preview what the electronic version looks like after you upload your files to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Just keep in mind that the preview is not a live version of your book, so even though none of the links will be active, they will in the published version.

If you do not yet own an eReader, you’ll need special software installed on your PC/Mac to open your ebook file I provide:

  • Download the Kindle Previewer (emulation software for PC/Mac to open the .mobi file) *A short video on how to use the software is here.
  • Download Adobe Digital Editions (to open the .epub file). *Note: I am not a fan of Adobe Digital Editions because it doesn’t display an eBook as it’ll appear on an eReader.  The biggest flaw with Adobe Digital Editions is that it doesn’t scale images properly (like handheld eBook readers do).

Ipad users – you can also view Kindle files on your ipad (with the Kindle app for iPad) if you first install dropbox (a free app) on your ipad and then have me put your .mobi file in your dropbox.

Important note to iPad users using iBooks to proof ePub files: Before you can see a new version of a file that you’ve already loaded previously to iBooks, you must FIRST delete the old version.  If you used iTunes to load your file, here’s the  sequence you need to follow (otherwise, it won’t load the newer version):

  1. Be sure to close your ebook in the ipad (click on library button towards the top left after you click on the spine (assumes Ipad is in horizontal mode).
  2. Go into itunes and click on books. Delete your title book from the library (in iTunes).
  3. Sync the ipad to the computer.
  4. Confirm in iBooks (on the ipad) that your book has been removed from the iBooks ‘bookshelf.’
  5. Add the new file (attached) into iTunes.
  6. Sync the iPad and the computer.

If you loaded your ePub file to your iPad directly from an email or via the dropbox app, then will need to manually delete the title from your bookshelf (on the iPad itself) by selected ‘Edit’ on the iPad iBooks app (in the iBooks Library view), and clicking on your thumbnail cover, and the hit ‘Delete.’

A note about conversions: They will always look different depending on the device, screen size and font selected by the reader. A properly structured file allows for ‘text reflow’ to occur so that the book is viewable on a variety of different devices. If something isn’t right, let us know and we will either correct it or explain to you limitations that are inherit in the digital formats. We have formatted your file so it will look ideal on the vast majority of readers, starting with Kindle which is the largest majority of ebook sales.  There are some known issues with some of the PC/Mac app readers – while they are fine to proof your book with, rest assured, very few people will ever use them to read your book.

Tutorial on how to upload to Nook (Barnes & Noble)

Tutorial on how to upload to Kindle (Amazon)

How to upload to Kobo

(coming soon)

How to upload to iBooks (Apple)

The process to upload your title to Apple’s iBookstore it is a bit more involved: you need an eBook specific ISBN & you need to use a mac (& install special software from Apple).

In 2014, Apple released a new version of iTunes Producer.  Because you need the newest version of OS X to run it, you may need to follow the tutorials below.  But if you are using the newer version of iTunes Tutorial, here’s an updated tutorial.  

Otherwise, below are tutorials on how you do it with the older version of iTunes Connect. Note: One important change – you no longer need an ISBN #, just leave that line blank.


You might want to also visit my my resources page at some point, as I’ve provided some helpful links there and update it with resources, suggestions and tips that come along.

One last request:

I have a huge favor to ask… if you are on Facebook, if you would be so kind as to visit the Facebook page, become a fan and feel free to leave a comment on my wall, if you were pleased with the work I’ve done… I’d be extremely grateful to you for doing so. I’ll include a link to your digital versions when they are live. It helps with referrals – the most effective way I know to build my business – as my best clients are always through referrals! I would be happy to return the favor if/when you do have a Facebook page, let me know!

I truly appreciate your business. All my best to your continued success!

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