Video tutorial: How to transfer your Epub files to your iPad

I know many of you got iPads for Christmas.  Lucky you!  Here’s how you can read the ePub files I converted for you on your iPad to show your friends and family how your books looks in digital!

Important to note! If you are trying to load a new version of an existing book, you must first delete the old version & sync it with iTunes before you add the new file. Otherwise, it will keep loading your old file.  Here’s how you delete an old version BEFORE you load a new version of an existing title:

  1. Be sure to close the book on the ipad (click on library button towards the top left after you click on the spine (assumes Ipad is in horizontal mode).
  2. Go into itunes and click on books. Delete your book from the library (in iTunes).
  3. Sync the ipad to the computer.
  4. Confirm in iBooks (on the ipad) that book has been removed.
  5. Add the new file (attached) into iTunes.
  6. Sync the iPad and the computer.

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