Want to know what it takes to be #1 on Amazon?

Ahh.. this is really exciting news.  My book is currently ranking #1 in the Kindle marketplace when you search for ‘entrepreneur’ in the Advice & How-to category!  This is yet another reason to get you book on Kindle… it’s easier to stand out. In particular, pay note that the default search method on Amazon’s Kindle store is by ‘Relevance’ – which is not the case in the standard Amazon search engine.  Any author who has had a title on Amazon for any length of time knows how frustrating it is because the listings of books are in order of sales volume… which makes it even harder for a new/author title to be found.  But this is simply not the case with Kindle!  Here’s the screenshot (our click the image to  go directly to the listing):

So what are you waiting for? Hire me now to get yourself on Kindle before everyone does.

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