Webex Help

If you logging into to one of our webinars, held through the Webex service, here’s some advice to help you log & dial in.

Note: If you have never joined a webex session before, please install the required plugin by visiting this link before our call.

Here’s the 4-step process to join one of our webinars:

Step 1: 2-3 minutes before the webinar begins, go to: http://author.webex.com and click Join to attend the meeting in already in process.

Step 2:  Fill in the required info in the ‘It’s time to join!’ box. Your name, email, and password that I would have already provided. Note: If you didn’t get a password, try using ‘ kindle ‘ (without the quotes)

Step 3: Be patient while webex loads onto your computer. If you need to install any of the required plugins, it will take bit longer the first time.  If you see a blue ‘Click Here’ button like the screenshot below, click it first:

Click ‘Run’ whenever a dialog box pops up:

Depending on the browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, or IE), the screen may look slightly different.  The shot below is what it looks like on Chrome. You want to click the ‘Always run on this site’ button if this comes up:

Step 4: Dial in to the conference bridge or through the computer (VOIP). I highly recommend you use the dial up vs. the computer. But if you are comfortable with using a headset & mic on the computer (if you’ve done it before), then you can use the ‘Call in with your computer’ option. Otherwise, don’t try it the first time with Webex. If in doubt, call in through your phone to the conference bridge provided.

Test your headset/mic:

Thanks & look forward to ‘seeing’ you on the webinar!


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