Dear author & publisher friends,


I wanted to let you know that I’m now doing Amazon Kindle Conversions for other authors/publishers and thought you might be interested.


I’ve already converted several of our own titles (from the 50 Interviews series), and learned the tricks on creating a digital-friendly version that buyers won’t return. Because of how poorly some publishers are uploading pdf’s import into Amazon (they don’t convert well), Amazon allows buyers 7 days to return any title they’ve purchased.


The work that goes into a book that has been properly formatted for the eReader market requires some XML knowledge, structured tagging, and experience… of which I’ve got. The table of contents will be dynamically linked to each chapter (which is crucial since ereaders don’t have page #’s) and knowing how to setup proper headers & chapter breaks all make for a much superior e-reading experience.


Why timing has never been better
Just last month Amazon made the decision to pay authors/publishers 70% of the purchase price as long as the kindle version is priced between $2.99-$9.99. That makes the ROI for the conversion quick (less than 50 copies).


There is no guarantee that Amazon will keep the payout at 70% indefinitely, which is why I believe authors/publishers should jump in on this window of opportunity now before % payouts change.


I can work with manuscripts in word, rtf, txt, indesign, or pdf.  And you can check out a couple of my recent conversions on this site ( on the right hand side)


I can also help you set up the ‘SITB’ – ‘Search Inside The Book’ which allows potential buyers to have a ‘virtual browse’ of your book directly from Amazon.  They have data that shows books with this feature enabled tend to sell better than those without.


Given the rapid adoption of the eReader market (especially Kindle), the ROI for authors/publishers makes this a no-brainer in my mind.


If you know any other authors who might be interested, feel free to pass my info along.


The site you are now on (KindleExpert.com) was created specifically for the purpose of getting the word out and providing as much information as I can about publishing to Kindle & other eReaders.

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