Important considerations when working with the MS Word (.doc) file we’ve provided you for revisions/editing

Dear Author,

Please be mindful that the formatting has been specifically setup to comply with the requirements of the eBook marketplace.

Three most important things:

  1. Keep the it in .doc format
  2. Don’t try to change the formatting and retain the styles used.
  3. Don’t copy and paste from other sources, if you do, please use the paste special… paste unformatted function in Word:



Please read this PDF for additional important guidelines you should know about working with your file in Word.

Bottom line is your eBook will look more like the original PDF version once we are done. The table of contents will be dynamically linked to each chapter/sub-chapter header – so as long as the chapter titles read the way you want them to, the table of contents will be correct (in other words, don’t worry about the table of contents)

If you take into account the important aspects noted on the attached advice sheet – all should be good when I get the file back from you.

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